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Mothering Sunday: It’s about mother church too


Flowers on Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday this weekend is likely to feature flowers, cake and even hugging.

The flowers will predominately be those Lent Lilies, or daffodils, ¬†seen on St David’s Day at the beginning of the month.

But in some places not only will mother be given a hug but so will the church.

Expect to see church hugging, or clypping as Shakespeare would say, as congregations hold hands in the churchyard to form a circle round the church.

So Mothering Sunday is also the time to remember the ‘mother church’ which includes not just the main parish church but the cathedral.

On this mid-Lent Sunday we can pray for our mother living or deceased and the life of our cathedral.

Clypping at Staplehurst

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