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St David’s Day

The first day of March is St David’s Day.

David is the only patron saint in the British Isles to be born in his own country.

So the focus is on St David’s Cathedral in his home city of St Davids.

There is no snow there but it is very cold  -about -2deg C.

This morning the Bishop is still due to lead a walk from St Non’s Chapel on the coast to the cathedral. The chapel is dedicated to David’s mother and is on the site of her son’s birth in about 520.

Welsh exiles will keep the day in many warmer places.

The Lent Lily, or the daffodil, will be worn at home and abroad.

Today’s Welsh food, despite Lent, features Welsh rarebit, Welsh lamb & leek stew and Welsh cakes.

London’s surviving Welsh churches are holding special St David’s Day services next Sunday 4 March:

The Welsh Chapel in Southwark Bridge Road SE1 celebrates at 11am with music and readings followed by refreshments.

St Benet’s, Queen Victoria Street EC4 in the City, is holding its annual St David’s Day service at 3pm. Welsh cakes are sometimes served with the tea afterwards.

St Davids Cathedral poster

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