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Carlin Peas for Passion Sunday at Borough Market

Carlin peas ready to eat

In the north-east of England it is the tradition to eat Carlin Peas on Passion Sunday.

That is next Sunday 18 March so if you want to join in the custom now is the time to buy the peas.

Ken Bentley’s shop in Great Driffield in the East Riding of Yorkshire (Bentley’s Delicatessen, 31 Market Place) encourages the ‘Carling Sunday’ tradition.

The Health Warehouse in Darlington does a brisk trade.

Country Products at Tockwith in North Yorkshire supplies many shops and also sells peas by post.

There are also stockists in Bolton (try the market) and Whitby.

In London you should go to Borough Market where they are sold as ‘Lent food’. You will find them just inside Borough Market’s main gate on the Spice Mountain stall.

Their first delivery had just sold out this morning but more beans are expected.

Look on this site later in the week for the cooking instructions.

Spice Mountain in Borough Market

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