Leigh Hatts  

Two books for Lent

Lent starts in early March.

The first day of the month is Shrove Tuesday and you can read about all the traditional pre-Lent fun as well why we eat pancakes in Keeping Lent & Easter.

The book guides you through the forty days of Lent to Easter.

After Mothering Sunday, Lent’s halfway point at the end of March, we can move into real time in following Jesus.

There is an exciting new book to help us follow Jesus’ movements and actions day by day and sometimes hour by hour to Easter and on to Pentecost.

The Hour is Come: Passion in Real Time is by Dean of Southwark Andrew Nunn.

The Dean will be talking about his book at Southwark Cathedral on Sunday 13 February at 12.30pm (following the 11am Choral Eucharist). Book free ticket.

There will also be an online introduction to the book on Tuesday 15 February at 7pm. Book free ticket.

The Hour is Come: Passion in Real Time is published by Canterbury Press, £12.99.

Keeping Lent & Easter is published by Darton, Longman & Todd, £9.99.

Both books are available at discount and post free from Blackwell’s.