Leigh Hatts  

Mothering Sunday 2020

Flowers on Mothering Sunday

Not so many flowers will be presented to mothers this Mothering Sunday.

But we shall be seeking, maybe via phone and email, to help and thank our mothers who have looked after us and, in many cases, worked hard to make home a special place for the coming months.

We pray for mothers alive and deceased.

The origin of Mothering Sunday is St Paul’s description of Jerusalem as ‘mother of us all’ which was read on this mid-Lent Sunday.

Mothering Sunday was not just a time for going home to see the family but also visiting the mother church. This usually meant the main church of a rural cluster or the cathedral.

Today our cathedrals are through social media and live feeds suddenly the focus for those who are looking to the church during this disturbing time.

Archbishop William Temple said: “The Church is the only society that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members.”

Pray for clergy and musicians who are suddenly called to this online ministry which is giving comfort and a shape to lonely days.

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