Leigh Hatts  

St Joseph’s Day without doughnuts

St Joseph doughnuts

We know Joseph as the faithful husband of the Virgin Mary. Together they brought up Jesus and watched over his early years.

St Joseph’s Day 19 March often passes without much notice in the UK but today we could think of those who usually keep today with much celebration.

It is a holiday in Malta.

It is Father’s Day in several countries including Italy, Portugal and Spain.

In Leichtenstein it is both a holiday and Father’s Day.

In Sicily there would normally be lots of St Joseph tables laden with food in a tradition which has evolved into a food bank for the poor.

There will not be many this year enjoying the Zeppole di San Giuseppe, the St Joseph’s Day doughnut which has regional differences across Italy.

But St Joseph is patron of fathers. We can pray for them at this very difficult time as we shall pray for mothers on Mothering Sunday at the weekend.

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