Leigh Hatts  

Trinity Sunday

Holy Trinity Trowbridge

Trinity Sunday marks the end of the great liturgies of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

We are about to enter ordinary time. This is time is live out the faith after the renewal of the Easter season.

The ancient celebrations will be found this weekend at Kirtlington in Oxfordshire where there is the Lamb Ale feast with lots of morris dancing.

At Rothwell in Northamptonshire the ‘Rowell Fair’ opens at 3pm in the afternoon following a civic service in Holy Trinity Church. The ancient traditional celebrations are on Trinity Monday starting at 6am outside Rothwell Church.

Trinity Sunday, in honour of God the father, Son and Holy Spirit, was invented in Liege and brought to England from Normandy by St Thomas Becket when Archbishop of Canterbury.

Liege also gave us Corpus Christi which is observed later in the week or next Sunday.