Leigh Hatts  

Whitsunday Biscuits

A Cornish fairing as sold at Whitsun fairs
Goosnargh Cake

The weather forecast is good for Monday which is Whit Monday and should be a Bank Holiday.

Whitsun, or Pentecost as we now call it, marks the completion of Easter which seemed to end at The Ascension last week.

But at Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon the followers of Christ as they were about to build and spread the church.

So Whitsun is today a big Sunday in every church and there will be a public London celebration during the afternoon in Trafalgar Square.

When it was also a long weekend break from work it was a greater landmark in the secular year.

Fairs and feasting were part of the ancient holiday which was recognised with a Monday Bank Holiday by the Victorians.

Cornish fairing biscuits were sold at Whitsun fairs in the west country and are now made by Furniss Foods.

In Lancashire the biscuit is a different recipe and known as a Goosnargh cake. Goosnargh is a village near Preston where you can buy the biscuits (once a penny each) in the Post Office.

Furniss’s Original Cornish Fairings