Leigh Hatts  

Quasimodo Sunday

The Sunday after Easter Day has many names.

It used to be generally called Low Sunday although it is uncertain why. Was it because of a low attendance or less exuberance than last week?

Today is the Second Sunday of Easter but since Millennium Year many call it Divine Mercy Sunday because St Faustina Kowalska, canonised in 2000, claimed that this is the wish of Jesus.

This year, as we remember the Notre Dame de Paris fire, it might be tempting to use the very old name Quasimodo Sunday after the entrance antiphon Quasi modo geniti infantes meaning Like newborn infants.

Like newborn infants, you must long for the pure, spiritual milk, that in him you may grow to salvation, alleluia. 1 Peter 2.2

In Victor Hugo’s Notre-Dame de Paris novel, the hunchback is called Quasimodo because when a child he was found abandoned in the cathedral porch on Quasimodo Sunday.