Leigh Hatts  

Holy Week in real time

Palms decorate St Stephen’s Church Bournemouth

Tomorrow we begin Holy Week when we can live Christ’s last days on earth in real time.

So where is Jesus tonight?

He and his close followers are arriving at Bethany which is close Jerusalem. They are welcomed by Martha and Mary.

Also there is their brother Lazarus who was recently brought back to life in his tomb by Jesus on his last visit.

Mary, who it has been suggested is probably the group’s road manager, pours expensive ointment over Jesus’s just washed feet. This annoys Judas Iscariot who as treasurer probably does not get on with Mary.

All will eat together.

Tomorrow Jesus, whose fame has gone before him with the raising of Lazarus, will be cheered by crowds waving palms as he enters Jerusalem.

Best Palm Sunday processions

Hereford Cathedral: meet Bishop’s Palace 10am.

Ripon Cathedral: meet Market Square 10.10am

Southwark Cathedral: meet in Borough Market 11am

St Albans Cathedral: meet High Street clock tower 9.30am.

St Paul’s Cathedral: meet Paternoster Square 11am.

Holy Trinity Sloane Square & St Mary’s Bourne Street Chelsea: meet Sloane Square 10.45am

Winchester Cathedral: meet at The Castle 10.30am.

York Minster: meet St Helen’s Square (Betty’s teashop) 9.45am.

*Ripon, St Albans and St Paul’s are expected to include a donkey.