Leigh Hatts  

Holy House at Loreto

Angels and Holy House in Musselbrugh church window

At The Church of Our Lady of Loretto & St Michael in Musselburgh today the Sunday congregation sang the parish’s own Loreto hymn.

Monday 10 December is Our Lady of Loreto which marks the translation in 1294 of the Holy House from Nazareth to Loreto in Italy. 

Lovely imagery depicts the Virgin Mary’s house being brought by angels but it was really ¬†transported across land and sea by the Angeli family.

It was in this little building that Mary was confronted by the angel announcing that she was to give birth to Jesus. The famous incident is remembered every March, nine months before Christmas. 

So, although we are now near Christmas, Monday is a good day to recall the Annunciation from which Christmas and so much flows.

Loreto poster 

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