Leigh Hatts  

Immaculate Conception

Traditional lights in Lyon

In Paris lights in a window on 8 December often indicated that the occupant was from Lyon.

This evening’s mega La Fête des Lumières  light show in Lyon has grown out of the local tradition of placing candles in windows on the Immaculate Conception.

The Immaculate Conception doctrine was first developed in Anglo-Saxon England and celebrated in Winchester in 1030.

In the 14th century Scottish Franciscan Duns Scotus promoted its observance.

The earliest existing picture featuring the Immaculate Conception is dated 1492 and displayed in London’s National Gallery.

Today by keeping the Immaculate Conception we celebrate the conception by St Anne of the Virgin Mary who was born nine months later (8 September) free of sin.

Fourvière Basilica (Photo: © M.Chaulet/Ville de Lyon)

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