Leigh Hatts  

Waiting for the Easter Vigil


Dawn Easter Fire at St Martin-in-the-Fields

This is Holy Saturday, sometimes called Empty Saturday.

‘Easter Saturday’ is next week, in Easter week, after Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday.

We are today in limbo awaiting the Easter Vigil tonight, or early tomorrow morning, when we can recognise Christ’s resurrection.

Then we shall take the Light of Christ from the outdoor fire into church to reclaim it with proclamation, music, readings, flowers and the First Mass of Easter.

There is an increasing number of congregations getting up early for a Vigil taking place as darkness gives way to dawn light. This is moment that Christ was found to have risen.

Churches and parishes waiting until early Easter morning include the following:

St Mary Abbotts: 5am

St Mary’s, Primrose Hill: 5.30am

St Martin-in-the-Fields: 5.30am

St Bride’s, Fleet Street: 6am

Southwell Minster: 6am

Rochester Cathedral: 5.30am

Southwark Cathedral: 5.50am

Newcastle Cathedral: 6am

St Michael’s, Bedford Park: 5.30am

Easter Candle at Southwark Cathedral

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