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Good Friday & the Easter holiday debate

Letter in The Times on Wednesday 28 March

The Times has had a long debate about the future of the Easter holiday weekend which some people find difficult because it moves around.

Christopher Howse had a good reply in The Daily Telegraph to calls for fixed Easter which would be difficult to achieve anyway.

I suggest that there are many who, whilst not dropping into church, are keeping today in their own traditional way. Ramblers might have an annual all day walk whilst teachers attend their NUT conference always held over the Easter weekend. The four day holiday is part of us.

I was able to pleased to be allowed to conclude the debate( for now) in The Times with  letter this week attempting to clarify the difference between England and Europe:

Sir, Stephen McKay suggests moving the Good Friday holiday to October (Mar 27). Good Friday is not a bank holiday but an ancient common-law holiday. Elsewhere in Europe it is often a working day with church services confined to the early evening. However, England’s tradition is to eat hot cross buns and then worship sometime around noon and 3pm, the time Christ was on the Cross. The day off is our heritage and our rhythm of life even for those who do not attend church.

Author, Keeping Lent & Easter

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