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Live Tenebrae on Spy Wednesday

Main statues veiled for Holy Week at The Sacred Heart Church , Bournemouth

On this day Judas Iscariot agrees to co-operate in the arrest of Jesus which is why some speak of today as Spy Wednesday.

Tonight’s Tenebrae service has many references to Judas Iscariot.

Tenebrae, once a major feature of Holy Week, is now mainly sung just tonight, Wednesday evening of Holy Week.

The service opens with a haunting chant probably heard by Christ as a young man in the synagogue.

Candles in the dark church are slowly extinguished until just one is left.

This is hidden until a loud noise brings the single light back to represent Christ’s resurrection next Sunday.

Tenebrae can be heard today on the radio, online and in many churches including the following London, Birmingham, Preston and New York:

Westminster Cathedral: 3.30pm. Broadcast live on BBC Radio 3.

St Paul’s, Covent Garden: 7pm

St Walburge’s, Preston: 7pm

All Saints, Margaret Street: 7.30pm

The Oratory, Birmingham: 7.30pm

St Mary Moorfields: 9pm

St John’s, Smith Square: 10pm

Trinity, Wall Street NY: 6pm (11pm BST). Broadcast live online.

Tenebrae candles at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta NSW (Picture: Parramatta Diocese)

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