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Church alive at home

Hugging Staplehurst church in Kent

If it’s Mothering Sunday it’s the middle of Lent.

Mothering Sunday, 14 March this year, is about both remembering our mothers and acknowledging our Mother Church.

This is why in normal times at some parish churches the congregation marks Mothering Sunday by going outside, joining hands and surrounding the building.

They hug their church.

But the church is also the people. So although many of us are this year stuck at home and unable to go into our own church building we can still, as the living never closed church, keep the calendar.

On Mothering Sunday it is an old tradition to have a simnel cake.

Next Sunday 21 March is Passion Sunday and if you are in the north-east you might still keep the tradition of eating carlin peas for Sunday lunch. Try having some sent by post

In almost two weeks time we shall be approaching Palm Sunday when we can with Christ go up to Jerusalem in real time for Holy Week.

Buy some figs, dried figs or fig biscuits to eat on Holy Week’s Fig Monday 29 March just as we can have Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday.

Some customs can be maintained now and as we begin to follow Jesus’s movements day by day towards Good Friday and Easter.

Carlin peas for lunch on Passion Sunday in Northumberland

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