Leigh Hatts  

St Lucy’s Day 2020

Lucia in Stockholm

Firecrackers in Naples at 5.50am this Sunday morning will have welcomed the feast of Santa Lucia.

In normal times the church near the waterfront would have been open all night following an eve of feast street procession at 10pm.

In Venice at San Geremia, where many visit the body of St Lucy and candles glow all day, the number at Mass is being limited to a hundred with entry strictly by the main door and the exit via the canal side.

Naples is where the song sung all over Sweden today orginated. There the virus will not prevent girls dressing up with a Lucia crown at home in early morning to bring special buns to their parents and others in the house.

St Lucy wore the crown of candles so that her hands could be free to carry food for prisoners.

Several Lucia services in Britain are going ahead with social distancing including one this evening at Southwark Cathedral.

Today is one of the Advent steps to Christmas. The light from the crown of Lucia which brought relief is also a reminder of the light of Christ.

Lucia celebration at Stockholm Cathedral

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