Leigh Hatts  

Ascension Day 2020

Southwark Cathedral by the river depicted on a mug by painter and printmaker Ed Kluz

Ascension Day on Thursday 21 May is the spiritual climax of the year.

This Thursday marks Christ’s last resurrection appearance to the disciples who report seeing him ascend.

St Paul said that Christ had been seen by over 500 men and women between resurrection (Easter) and ascension.

For some years Ascension Day has been largely ignored in Britain whilst understood better in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Finland, Holland, Norway, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland where it is public holiday.

In the British Isles however it is in normal times faithfully kept in many towns and villages which maintain much loved old customs. Oxford, for example, has lots of tower top singing from morning to evening.

So also does Southwark Cathedral where singers are used to climbing the tower early on Ascension morning.

But without this it will still feel an extra special day to those following services on the Southwark Cathedral feed for this will be the first time since mid-Lent that worship comes again from inside the cathedral church.

The Eucharist for Ascension Day at Southwark Cathedral is at 12 noon and can be followed via the website.

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