Leigh Hatts  


Virgin Mary statue by Diane Corvin (1986) at St Stephen’s Bournemouth

Monday 25 March is The Annunciation when we think of Mary learning that she was pregnant with the Christ Child.

This is why we shall celebrate the birth on 25 December.

There are Annunciation celebrations today in Nazareth’s basilica, Loreto and Walsingham as well as other churches. Today in Lent there is spark of colour and a touch of Christmas.

The Annunciation took place in Mary’s house at Nazareth. Part of that house is now at Loreto in Italy and a replica is at Walsingham in Norfolk.

The Pope is visiting the Holy House at Loreto today.

But in recent years today now has another dimension, especially France and Lebanon, as Christians and Muslims meet together to honour Mary who appears in both the Bible and the Koran.