Leigh Hatts  

#SlowChristmas #NotXmasYet

Compton Church in Surrey at the  weekend

The ‘festive Maltesers McFlurry ‘ is already available in McDonalds where paper bags proclaim ‘Christmas is here’.

But it’s not. Last Sunday was the Second Sunday before Advent or the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. Next Sunday is the climax of the Christian year when we celebrate Christ the King.

Advent starts in two weeks time.

Only in Milan, with its ancient local calendar,  has Advent just started. Orthodox Church Christians talk of the ‘Fast of the Nativity’ during Advent.

Christmas is more than a month away for us all.

This blog, when the time comes, will try to move steadily through Advent without distorting the calendar.

By keeping faithful to the real calendar we can experience a Slow Christmas.


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