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Shrove Tuesday: Pancakes & street football

Shrove Tuesday poster in Binche

Shrove Tuesday remains deep within the English culture so there are lots of pancake races today.

In London you will find one at the Houses of Parliament, Borough Market and Guildhall.

The oldest race is at Olney in Buckinghamshire at 11.55am. It takes just five minutes to dash from the Market Place to the church.

In the country ancient football games will take over the streets of Ashbourne, Atherstone and Sedgefield. They are traditions which are fiercely maintained by local people.

This football game in various forms is England’s equivalent to Carnival coming to a climax today in Binche (from where the get the word binge) Cologne, Ivrea, Venice, Viareggio and Rio.

Tomorrow some of those now partying will start Lent.

Keeping Lent makes Easter richer and more meaningful.

Viagreggio’s Burlamacco carnival logo


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