Leigh Hatts  

Sunday 7 January: What day is it?

The Holy Family remains as the visitors depart

What is today?

The Epiphany, Baptism Sunday or Plough Sunday?

This time Advent and  Christmas has been difficult to follow with so many special days falling unusually on a Sunday.

Now The Epiphany was yesterday which was a Saturday. This caused the Roman Catholic Church and some Anglican Churches to postpone observing The Epiphany to today Sunday.

That decision means that The Baptism of Christ, which is usually on the Sunday after The Epiphany, is celebrated tomorrow Monday.

Today is also known as Plough Sunday and observed as such in some places because tomorrow, the Monday after The Epiphany, is Plough Monday.

The Haxey Hood scramble is never on a Sunday and so took place yesterday as usual on 6 January.

It’s all very confusing. Better to keep The Epiphany on 6 January whatever the day of the week as used to be the tradition!

But this weekend does mark the end of the main Christmas season.

Remember, however, that if we are following real time, the Holy Family is still in Bethlehem. We shall mark their departure at Candlemas on Friday 2 February.

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