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Twelfth Night: 12th Day of Christmas

Three Kings are on their way to Bethlehem
Galette de Rois

Today is the 12th Day of Christmas.

Tonight is Twelfth Night for many, especially abroad, although by old tradition the evening of tomorrow 6 January is often also known as Twelfth Night.

In Spain this evening, the eve of The Epiphany, there will be street processions involving Three Kings and at home much sharing of Rosca De Reyes sweet bread which has a baby figurine inside.

Other countries have their own versions of the Twelfth Night Cake.

In England the Victorians changed the Twelfth Night cake into the Christmas Cake cut on 25 December and enjoyed over the twelve days.

The English Twelfth Night cake survives mainly in the theatre world.

In London you can buy a French Twelfth Night Cake, a Galette des Rois, from Paul patisserie shops. Whoever finds  the charm hidden inside is king and wears the crown provided.

The Three Kings, or Wise Men, are on their way to Bethlehem to see the Child. They will arrive in the crib scene tomorrow as we celebrate The Epiphany.

Or on Sunday this year in many UK churches. Ireland is keeping the proper 6 January date.

In Bethlehem there is  procession from the Church of the Nativity down to  the Grotto of the Nativity this afternoon and Epiphany afternoon tomorrow.

A crown if you find the bean in your slice

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